At AOS, we like to get bespoke. We offer a great range of AP Glass Doors.

Design and Materials:

AP Glass Doors are elegant and are a real design feature. We use high quality Stainless Steel fitting with single point fixings.
This makes sure that we can apply directly onto the toughened safety glass to make sure that we meet the highest requirements in terms of visual impact and workmanship.
Our AP Glass Doors include short – type pivot holes, which include top pivot fittings and bottom, in use of bearing pins and sockets.

Aesthetics and Safety

We strive to keep the doors elegant by achieving a continuous pivot rod, this gives a brilliant aesthetic look.
AP Glass Doors come in various sizes, and various designs. We offer different thicknesses of safety glass to meet your requirements.
We make sure that when we install your doors, that is meets British Standards, on disabled access and within safety features.
At the same time we can also offer automation when installing the AP Glass doors, either sliding, or opening out and inwards.