We Install, Maintain and Service:

Automated Sliding Doors, Bi-Folding Doors, Swing Doors, Balanced Doors & Telescopic Doors.

Automatic doors are a standard feature on many different types of buildings;
they are becoming increasingly popular and require the highest standards of safety and installation.
Access Opening Systems design automated entrances, making it easy for pedestrians and wheelchair users to enter and exit your premises.
Every installation is designed to comply with BS 7036 to make a safe and user friendly environment, whether automatic shop doors,
swipe card door entry systems, bi-folding doors or automatic doors for the disabled.

We are a Leeds based independent company and are able to select products from the world’s best Automatic Door Operators
offering our customers a wide range of products and accessories.
We continue to build on our reputation for supplying high quality Automatic Door products at competitive rates.

Disability Act
The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requires those responsible for buildings to make some provisions for disabled access into the building.
To meet this requirement, Access Opening Systems Ltd offers a full range of operators for automatic doors and to be retro fitted
onto existing doors or newly installed doors.

Our Range
Our range of automatic doors offer various sizes to suit almost any application. Care needs to be taken when specifying the usage of the door
and the direction of opening etc.
These units can be linked to an access control system such as a card reader, keypad or intercom so when the visitor arrives the door will not
only unlock but automatically open and re-close.
Alternatively the unit can be set to fully automatic and will open and close the door on whatever basis is required.

The units can also be set to open on impulse from a fire alarm activation and stay open if necessary to assist in ventilation and evacuation procedures.
The systems need to be set up in accordance with BS7036 to ensure they are correctly specified for the purpose and are fitted with the appropriate
safety circuits.
These can include presence detectors, hinge guards to stop fingers getting caught and a variety of other safeguards