At AOS, we offer a stylish, and practical set of Bi-Folding Doors. We vary from a selection of Manual to Automatic. These types of doors are found in small to large corporate, and often found in Restaurants, Hotels, Retirement Homes and hospitals, but also any business’s which need a large space of access for users.

With our Bi-Folding doors it always creates a great first impression for visitors to your premises. These give an impression of good, professional, trustworthy, established and credible of your business and is sure to impress.

Yet than there stylish appearances, they also create an ideal solution when making wide entrances even in the most compact of spaces. This makes our Automatic Bi-Folding doors an ideal solution when spaces are tight.

With their adjust ability, these doors are easily versatile. These doors can be smoothly integrated into most entrances, and can be fitted with a face fixed style, giving a great aesthetic appearance.

Overall, with AOS’s Bi-Folding door’s, they are easy to fit, and maintain. These Bi-Folders can be customized to our costumers preference, allowing them to select from a range of Standard RAL colors. When coming to service these Bi-Folding doors, we do recommend a yearly service at the least, due to those heavy moving parts.