At Access Opening Systems Ltd, we install, commission and maintain your Manual and Automatic Gate Systems along with comprehensive-high quality services. We offer our services managing your; Industrial; Commercial and Residential gates at reasonable–competitive prices.

Our Automatic Gates vary from materials at your preference. We offer Automation from either a sliding operator or a swing operator, the choice is yours. Activated and controlled by a Key fob allows you to remotely open and close your Gate from meters away.

Along with our remote kits, we are able to install sensors which initially open the gate from inside the premises facing out allowing ease of exit. We are able to install security systems and intercommunication system which potentially allow open on command of either a push button or switch to a Near Field Communication identity card which opens depending on User Permissions on the card or NFC device. We offer servicing with your Automatic Gates, from Six to Twelve month lapses to ensure optimum quality and efficiency is performed from your Gates all year round.