At AOS, we deliver a high range of Intercommunication devices, from small – to large. These are used in Apartments, Flats, Restaurants, Hotels and other places where security is needed. Intercoms are used to deliver voice to two end devices which allow communication, such as voice and sometimes video. With this, remote access is then introduced to remotely unlock or lock a door in a click of a button!

Intercoms are very stylish, these create a great first impression of professionalism and credibility. AOS offers a range of Intercoms from a simple off-set design, or flush within the building design. With our Intercoms, they are so advanced all of this can be powered and ran with one cable! With this, it allows a more safe area of work, and a more aesthetic look with minimized amount of wires.

We optimize all of our Intercoms to work with your doors, from wooden, aluminium and timber doors, we can make it happen! Intercoms increase security on the premises. We introduce our Intercoms to make sure that access is only authorized on command.