Types and Materials:

At AOS, along side Roller Shutters our specialty is Manual Doors. We fabricate all types of Manual doors for industrial and commercial use all around the country, we offer Manual Doors of many materials, such as: Aluminium, AP Glass, Timber doors, Steel with Industrial use etc. With our manual doors, we manufacture them with care and they always follow BS7036 to make sure there’s safety all round.

With our Manual Doors, we fabricate the doors along with the frames, which allow full security and compatibility with the doors. With the high end materials we use, it ensures that your doors are protected from erosion for dramatically long time compared to standardized material, to ensure strength and security.


We use a specific Aluminium Profile, such as SAS and SAS Smart System’s, this allows that brilliant flexibility for expansion’s in the future. Our materials of the highest quality are cut with precision with high end laser cutting, folding, break press and CNC machines.

Expansion and Customization:

Our Manual Doors are manufactured for expansion in the future, if you in the future decide that you want to automate your Manual Door, its a definite possibility! They are also very customizable with a range of different sized handles and materials and a change in the way the door opens which is chosen from the start!

At AOS, we also let you pick a colour, from a selection of standard RAL colors. We externally Powder Coat our Aluminium Doors, Frames and Shutters to allow your preference a possibility. Having a Powder Coated Product increases it’s durability and it’s life based on a barrier to avoid erosion for long periods of time.