Being a fantastic deterrent, Security Shutters put off the potential intruder from even attempting to target the property, this will lead them to look elsewhere.

What makes Security Shutters so different from the conventional Roller Shutter is the strong implementation of foam filled aluminium slates. This makes them extremely strong, whilst being extremely light as well as rust free.

When not in use, the security shutter rolls up to the discreet Box Motor, hardly knowing that a security shutter is even there. We offer a huge selection of colours and styles which are fitted to the users preference and property, to create a perfect match.

Security Shutters are easy to operate, manual and automatic options are available for the costumer to choose! Adding a manual option will allow the user to crank a handle, clockwise or anti-clockwise, to move the shutter down or up. Automatic or known as Electric Operation will allow the user to secure their property in a push of a button.

For Commercial and Residential formats, AOS’s Security Shutters offer an excellent insulation, from cold and heat, also acting as a fantastic shade devices. Security Shutter isolate sound from in and outwards, these are often underestimated, this is a benefit to owning a Security Shutter.