Our Automatic Sliding Doors include a combination of Entramatic EMSL Sliding Door Operators and Hotron Monitored Sensors. With these type of operators it allows us to achieve our standard of quality in our services.

The door has been specially designed utilizing a high review nylon track and felt advisers for keep erosion and clamor to a base giving the programmed entryway about noiseless operation. The propelled processor of the EMSL and the elite of the Hotron sensors make our entryways among the most secure available, completely consistent to EN16005 and DDA prerequisites.

The upscale configuration and delicate lines of the administrator guarantee the ideal decision for designers and clients alike. The configuration of the EMSL guarantees it is flawlessly suited to be utilized as a high activity entryway in the most difficult situations, for example, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Tesco, Hospitals, High movement open structures and the sky is the limit from there.

The operator has the capacity of joining an electric solenoid lock, settling on the EMSL the ideal decision for access Opening Systems and bespoke programmed sliding entryway bundles.


With Sliding Doors, it comes along with cheap maintenance cost and a high availability of parts. Due to the fact that there are low amounts of actual moving parts within. This makes our Sliding Doors easier to repair, and also improves the safety of the doors from the minimal swept area the doors which it covers.

Types of Sliding Doors:

We have an available options of materials which we are able to fit, such as: Aluminium; AP Glass Doors and Thermal Doors, and even Timber.

With our Telescopic sliding doors it allows a much larger opening width compared to the regular standard sliding door. As for the Entrematic EMSL-T it provides lower noise, smooth operating and a smart processor, which allows to enhance safety, and control the full operation of the doors. These all meet the British Standard 7036 and Compliance with EN16005.


The sensors we provide, the HR100/CT sensor incorporated Uni-Directional Technology, which allows the door to ignore cross traffic and pedestrians which are moving away from the door, this is considered so that the the building’s heat will not escape unnecessarily. This will make sure that your Heating Bills are minimized and that it ultimately helps protect the environment.