Fire Doors

Fire Ratings

Our made to measure Steel Fire Doors are suitable for both domestic and commercial uses. Our Fire doors are rated to suit your needs to your property. We offer SSR3 and SSR4 type Personnel Fire Doors. These can be rated in FD30 and FD60s. These are fire ratings from 30 minutes to 60 minutes (more is subject to bespoke design). Design of our fire doors are completely your choice, offered from blank doors to glazed and supplied in different finishes and colours.

Safety and Fire Hardware

Access Opening Systems provide single or double door leafs to suit your needs. Supplied with Panic Hardware kits can ensure that two point locking for extra security, but also meet BS EN 1125 to enable effective escape through the doorway with minimum effort and without prior knowledge of operation.

To meet Safety and DDA standards, our doors are offered with a floor threshold which allow the user to be able to smoothly gain access or exit without any tripping hazards.

Our doors are easily offered to be connected to Fire Alarm systems. Our doors provide the best security as well as escape priorities to all types of sectors.

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