Roller Shutters

When you feel that locking your doors isn’t enough, Roller Shutters are the perfect solution. Our Roller Shutters are perfect for Commercial and Industrial uses. With Shutters been Access Opening Systems leading product we can ensure that the quality of safety is at a maximum standard.

We offer various types of Shutters, but our most standard Electric or Manual shutters are a viable choice, with long lasting life expectancy.
We use only the most high quality motors for our shutters to ensure smooth operation.

Our shutters are constructed from aluminium, with variations that include thermal insulation, perforated and punched apertures, and a selection of operations and finishes. We make our shutters suit all your needs, on strict deadlines.

The motors we used for our Roller Shutters are designed for long-life expectancy. It can be assured that when getting a Shutter through AOS that it will not let you down, with a regular service and maintenance. Service and Maintenance suggested between 6-12 months to ensure optimal performance.

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