Sectional Doors

Sectional Doors open vertically, creating fee space in front of and behind the door, the door sections are stored flat underneath the ceiling, vertically above the opening or along the roof.
Creating an optimal entrance solution at a optimal price. A reliable, robust and well insulated sectional door with years of perfection is a viable option to any residential, commercial or industrial use.
Offering a aesthetically pleasing look, our doors can be offered to you in a wide number of Standard RAL colours of your choice in your choice of finish, with clear panels or solid panels.
Offering a Class 3 Certification as an option on our Sectional Doors will offer water tightness, wind load and air permeability, combined with excellent U-Vales guarantees a door that looks better and perform longer.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial

Residential Sectional Doors

Purposed for housing, our doors create a spacious access solution for your garage. Made to measure to your home, our well-crafted, long lasting doors are a viable option compared to a general swing garage door. With regular service and maintenance it can be assured that your access solution will last many, many years with no leak in performance.
Sectional Doors to a garage door can be left in manual operation, or be upgrade-able to an automated system, allowing you to control your door remotely.

Commercial Sectional Doors

Purposed for commercial business, our section doors help your business, small or large, to be able to create a spacious access solution. To allow for deliveries to a business with minimal effort, to keeping secure assets to an outside facility.

Industrial Sectional Doors

One of the larger Sectional Door options is an industrial Sectional Door, made for continuous daily use to ensure smooth operation over long periods of time. Our industrial Sectional Doors can be made in manual or automated operation to suit you. A good use for an industrial Sectional Door is to a bus station, allowing large vehicle to be locked up on a night.

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